SCH: H-SC Garlick Award

SCH: H-SC Garlick Award

The College awards this scholarship to selected Hampden-Sydney students participating in an H-SC May Term Abroad program. Funds are limited and awarded based on financial need and academic achievement.

Applicants must be H-SC students who meet all the College's eligibility requirements for the May Term Abroad program:

•Applicants must be in good academic standing (2.0 or higher GPA) by the end of the fall semester before departure.

•The Dean of Students reviews the disciplinary records of all study abroad applicants. Students may apply to study abroad while currently under probation, as long as their sanctions will be completed before their program begins. Students with problematic disciplinary histories might not be approved to study abroad, whether they are currently on probation or not. Students placed on disciplinary probation after being approved to study abroad or who have not completed all imposed sanctions prior to departure may have that approval revoked.

•Students must also meet the eligibility requirements for their program of choice.

APPLICATION DUE: January 10, 2018

Applicants will be notified by January 24 of their award status, which will give them ample time to complete their May Term Abroad program application. (MTA apps and deposits are due February 7.)